Wednesday 16 February 2022

 these pages to be edited soon - country folk use The GOOD weather ( extremely warm for time of year) as it has been to do country things, when bad weather returns then it is time to get back to screen based stuff).....extremely busy being an environmental operator - truly ensuring EVERYTHING is reused recycled,  as i reduce to the simplest existence possible-which is pure joy, and then planning work - long long aware necessary, on publishing some of the reality in regional extremely cynical wildlife protection failure

Monday 7 February 2022

slight change of plan

 ... now,

On Saturday someone threatened my ferrets...  and was going to steal them.

The generic family words for ferrets is 'fuzzies' ..... evolving into 'buzzies'.. i have 100s of hours of film of my daughter and MANY friends we would make as we took our fuzzies around with us by campervan all the 00s... often with a dozen baby ferrets with us that were knows as 'buzzlets' ..  r just love. Because there is no better fun and sight than a business of buzletts frolicking on the beach...with half a dozen children gathered around in delight....making them sandcastle homes... or just trying to steal them  they are so adorable..

Now i do not EVER do melodrama and raise to no mere human frailty or in the recent case, the sick insanity... of a fat woman who is deluded and thinks roadkill kills ferrets if you recycle it into their tummies... and declared war on these animals the ebst kept ferrets in history...

but this IS a 'channel' made for children so lets forget about deluded adults who never got the religion of the ferret - they sort your head out....

However it gives me a new is time soon to get the good stuff up here...

You could say it is 'about' her lack of mindfulness....  such mindfulness that truly does result in a few days ago someone is arsey...  bide ones time... the religion of the ferret is who knows something may happen to make you proper friends because of a negative that came along... the chubby one... who one sought revenge on by mere fact of smiling to the arsey one who felt responsible for the chubbuie visiting..

and the arsey one isnt arsey any more which is wonderful....genuinely nice...we had a great laugh and found true common ground at last.....  a positive from a negative...or a few years of them...all comes right in the end if you worship the divine eternal luminescent soul of the enlightened ferret god... which no you can't find in  a crystal at 19.99 a chip...

ferrets must always be...


this channel hasn';t even begun to start just takes time.


Tuesday 1 February 2022

behind schedule.

 shame, i may miss the 'point'

wonderful series of films taken a year before this lot  started. 

Of what mindfulness really is.

A few months spent  on a once a decade ferret cages refurb. Do it properly. restaple all the edges, wire brush out any latent rot. And then several coats of top quality creosote. Takes far longer iof all done properly than one assumes. Make sure all wood extremely dried out for example before re creosoting. A month of come back every few days to carry on with the job done properl;y. Very pfroperly.

Smugness a few weeks on: "look at my splendid extremely well renovated ferret cages how good is that...wont have to worry aboput them for anoyther decade...jobn well done.."

Until, only a month later. We have the warmest December for many years. Demeber please note. 

The woodland around has of course many quite happily pottering around families of ratus... big ones... but they always keep more or less to themselves and are never even seen.

Until one autumn into winter the weather is so warm they are tricked into all having another go at breeding. Except a little problem: even a very warm December is going to quickly switch over into back to normal. At which point there is as is the case in late December not much for the crits to eat. And all those new babies and youth feed.

Well... my oh my, there is an old wives tale that even i believed: " ferret shit was sold in markets in medieval times becauzse it was the product totally guyaranteed or money back that would ALWAYS keep rattus away from the property if it were spread around a little...always..."

mindfulness is what is in the next nit iof film, never mind laughing at .... well wait and see, iyt is living through events which prove no matter HOW much we mere humans think we are in charge...and have done or tasks and the like so thoroughly it is impossible we will have to start from scratch and redo them again... nature sometimes has other ides... get used to it. And always smile even when you are right cheesed off ... and understand there is no p[oint ever being cheesed off as something always comes and does the opposite of what its done for ever...or someone...

Sunday 26 December 2021


DRAFT website all a bit scrappy thus far, will be improved soon.

This is the place to have a read of what is going on.

Rather more than may be assumed. But it will take a little time to sort a lot more film.  I work in most reduced circumstances though most happily. Keeping life simple, among other things,  is what the ferrets teach, methinks. 

That 'post'  - section of the homepage, linked above, is the introduction to this website and will be edited in time into something more coherent.  And will also lay out several emotive stories woven in to the thing when I have found all the film again. 


Please share on social media if you like the films so far - I don't use it.

New films get loaded up to Youtube first channel WONKYQUANTUM YOUTUBE

if you subscribe you will get quickest notification. 

Robins navigate in part by quantum entanglement. I used to call them my 'quantum pests'. I spent a fair bit of 2020 in the isolated evenings watching new cutting edge podcasts on the seemingly unknowable weirdness of quantum theory, and love the word 'wonky' we are

wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #45


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #44


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #43


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #42


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #41


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #40


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #39


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #38


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #37


Saturday 25 December 2021

wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #36


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #35


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #34


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #33


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #32


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #31


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #30


wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #29

The starting point is the post below 

lots more clips uploaded today and yesterday to appear very soon here.


This is not a 'blog' - simply a few webpages where all the films over years will be collected and linked.

There is an introductory  'post' written about a week ago. 

This post from a few days ago   

will remain the main 'introduction' post - i.e. starting point of the blog pages which are just a website albeit using a template . 

But i may have to redesign this template or use another template to have that post sit at the top of the 'home' page (these pages, on this url). 


 Only one person knows the end  of this tale. Always figure one person you can trust to maybe understand the long game - it's all a game in human affairs, but love is always, no matter what, and this is for one person, and I hope others will also enjoy.  But having her film up and shared is what matters to me always. If others see some value for them in it that's their business. 

Which happens to be the collective noun for a group of ferrets hahh hahh...

Pictures to come. Of many a ferret on finest form. From days gone yore when Fifi and Leon were the proud mum and dad of several rather large and frisky businesses.

I never speak of myself or indeed any other person.  I wish not to name location or person. Some animals seem rather 'above' human  coyness and melodrama. Never mind 'identity' everyone so obsessed with. And that certainly goes for the ferret. 

But to get the films up I have to spend my day above everyone   - couldn't be happier.... warm rain. Curious that as every time you turn on radio 4 you hear some city based neurotic, even on Farming Today, go on about "ohh my ...along with all other crises...we have had such a challenging year of weather too..."  which is scientific insanity, along with a lot of other things these days. All my  films would not even be up now had it not been for the actual real-person rural real weather affected,  FACT that we have had the most benign autumn and winter I have ever known. 

This picture is at about 1300'. Now. And the road up is so poorly maintained that even average rainfall washes it away. And even the lightest frost down below means it is impassible in my old jalopy.  Well, i have been up her a fair bit the last few weeks to begin uploading video - best signal for miles up here, utterly untroubled by weather events. 

Which reminds me. The claim of 'mindfulness' is somewhat twofold. There is the aspect of simply watching the ferrets to see how they exist. I doubt i will ever have the time (i have very little access to  electricity where i live ) to review the film myself; but there is something else so much more specifically 'mindful' which came about a few years ago when there was another very warm period in the first few months of the winter then.

I have filmed....

'playlist 1'  - linked below,  isn't actually the first  series of films. 

There is a series before that which did in fact get me going on this track. They are about the real lessons 'nature' can teach us, if we rally do live in the moment which nature sometimes 'enforces'. And they are i know very good. Had i been told of them existing before i actually filmed the action back then, myself, i would have said "don't be daft... that's against every received wisdom and old wives tale for centuries..."

To be continued.