Tuesday 1 February 2022

behind schedule.

 shame, i may miss the 'point'

wonderful series of films taken a year before this lot  started. 

Of what mindfulness really is.

A few months spent  on a once a decade ferret cages refurb. Do it properly. restaple all the edges, wire brush out any latent rot. And then several coats of top quality creosote. Takes far longer iof all done properly than one assumes. Make sure all wood extremely dried out for example before re creosoting. A month of come back every few days to carry on with the job done properl;y. Very pfroperly.

Smugness a few weeks on: "look at my splendid extremely well renovated ferret cages how good is that...wont have to worry aboput them for anoyther decade...jobn well done.."

Until, only a month later. We have the warmest December for many years. Demeber please note. 

The woodland around has of course many quite happily pottering around families of ratus... big ones... but they always keep more or less to themselves and are never even seen.

Until one autumn into winter the weather is so warm they are tricked into all having another go at breeding. Except a little problem: even a very warm December is going to quickly switch over into back to normal. At which point there is as is the case in late December not much for the crits to eat. And all those new babies and youth feed.

Well... my oh my, there is an old wives tale that even i believed: " ferret shit was sold in markets in medieval times becauzse it was the product totally guyaranteed or money back that would ALWAYS keep rattus away from the property if it were spread around a little...always..."

mindfulness is what is in the next nit iof film, never mind laughing at .... well wait and see, iyt is living through events which prove no matter HOW much we mere humans think we are in charge...and have done or tasks and the like so thoroughly it is impossible we will have to start from scratch and redo them again... nature sometimes has other ides... get used to it. And always smile even when you are right cheesed off ... and understand there is no p[oint ever being cheesed off as something always comes and does the opposite of what its done for ever...or someone...

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