Sunday 26 December 2021


DRAFT website all a bit scrappy thus far, will be improved soon.

This is the place to have a read of what is going on.

Rather more than may be assumed. But it will take a little time to sort a lot more film.  I work in most reduced circumstances though most happily. Keeping life simple, among other things,  is what the ferrets teach, methinks. 

That 'post'  - section of the homepage, linked above, is the introduction to this website and will be edited in time into something more coherent.  And will also lay out several emotive stories woven in to the thing when I have found all the film again. 


Please share on social media if you like the films so far - I don't use it.

New films get loaded up to Youtube first channel WONKYQUANTUM YOUTUBE

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Robins navigate in part by quantum entanglement. I used to call them my 'quantum pests'. I spent a fair bit of 2020 in the isolated evenings watching new cutting edge podcasts on the seemingly unknowable weirdness of quantum theory, and love the word 'wonky' we are

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