Tuesday 21 December 2021

wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #3

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Where I live the broadband and mobile phone signal has always been dire... hahh hahh it has been the bane of life since mobile phones and then the internet were invented. It becomes quite a mindful experience balancing mobile phones high up in windows to get a ferret's whisker of a phone signal. And broadband has always been a random event.  In fact signal in the area became even worse when in 2020 lots of people moved in to the area from the cities - running away from restrictions and pestilence. Most of these richer people i guess have several mobile phones, or internet savvy fridges, and it has been really noticeable how our poor rural fringe signal has depleted. So the only way I can use the internet is to trundle out very early - the mobile signal is always much better before 8am, and upload film via mobile phone connection.   I have to go out because only a few spots within my region have laybys where there is half decent upload speed. 

But I am used to this way over many years. It just takes careful habits - making sure things are charged before I set to work, etc.. Thermos flask filled.  Breakfast in my pack.

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