Monday 20 December 2021

wonkyquantum ferrets vs robin #1

This is a quick first draft write up which will be improved over Christmas  2021

From 2018 I began filming my two ferrets, Fifi and Leon, from my kitchen window. Well, that is after spending many an hour just watching them going about their day. You may agree it is a rather zen sight. I like it!

In 2018 there wasa  third ferret, Roxy, Fifi and Leon's daughter. She was given away that year to a family with a ferret that lived alone. As you will discover if you watch the videos ferrets very much enjoy company - even if at times it can involve a lot of playful scrapping. Fron late 2018 t was just mum and dad left alone.

I am a fifty something chap and  in 2018 I was recovering from a few years of a rather debilitating viral attack - some kind of infestation of my upper airways and brain box by some clever little bugs that medical science couldn't quite pin down.  They had floored me for a few years up to 2018. I don't mind, - nature will do her thing. It was an excellent reminder of just how insignificant the human animal can be.   Up to that point in life my health had been absolutely tip top always. 

As a result of a few years mouldering away on the sofa largely unable to work, cash had become rather tight. I noticed over a few days at some point in 2018 that the robin, or possibly robins (help me know if there were one or more!), had learned to work out when it was safe to  enter the place which I had for years routinely left the feed bowl. The rascal was stealing ferret food which i frankly couldn't afford to share with the robin. 

For various innocent reasons i haven't had much time spare over the last few years to watch the film i would take. And i wonder if anyone would like to help by watching through the many hours and letting me know if anything interesting happens. 

This is all suitable for children. I have only ever left the camera running when no one else is in my kitchen and there is no filming of anything else.

Forgive my amateur videos - I generally have over a day filmed every few hours for 5 or 10 minutes at a time.  Footage from each day is edited into one whole episode, no fancy production values though. Only today have i first used Shotcut video editor to edit the shorter segments onto one longer file. I may have got it wrong. 

I shall write up a little more about the life of a ferret soon. 

I doubt I shall even have one viewer to the channel called wonkyquantum  (ONE word) on youtube and i don't know how the system works really. I guess i shall learn over time.

The filming started in 2018 with a very basic camera. There was a break and then by 2021 i had very much revved up and also the arrangement on feeding I changed.


Here is the channel on Youtube videos being uploaded regularly from 20 Dec 2021


Please share this webpage  and the Youtube channel  - i don't do social media myself. 

I think Fifi and Leon would like an audience. They're a bit like that.

If you are interested in ferrets i shall put a page here on tips for you. Fifi and Leon are the last in a long line of ferrets my daughter and I bred from the early 00s. Sometimes we would have up to 15 running around the house at once.   

I call it wonkyquantum for a few reasons but the primary one is that robins navigate the world by quantum entanglement. We can't do that.... I wonder what ese they can do, we can't? 

wonkyquantum ferret vs robin #1

As these near five years proceed there are a few rather poignant stories that perhaps will come through in time. Keep checking back here. You may find something rather interesting soon 

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