Saturday 25 December 2021

Poignant pictures.

 Lots of photos coming soon.

And what a pain - plans to get the rest of the film covering one period of time onto Youtube yesterday - takes ages with rural speeds. So I am all set up - the day planned to be at better internet connection places,  and then it says there is a daily upload limit, though as usual with this tech doesn't say what it laid plans...

I don't like to let people down and tried to speak with quite a few people face to face the last few days and tell them about some of the film coming up, i did my best.....all day 24 Dec trying to figure the problem.

Dedication to the 'operation' = sat high up in the hills Christmas morning since 5am, by the wonderful Spaceguard Centre, where there is better upload signal. Maybe it will work out today.

Just to be crystal clear about one thing, I don't really believe in pushing or promoting any site or content. If it is meant to be, someone will take a liking to the films and organically off their own bat spread the site ... and if it is not meant to be, that will not be the case. 

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